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  • Mission Statement

    “As Outright Libertarians, we serve as a two­-way bridge between the Libertarian Party and those with differing sexual orientations or gender identities. Through activism and outreach, we find freethinking individuals in the gender and sexual minority (GSM) community and introduce them to the Libertarian Party. By being active within the Libertarian Party, we work to keep the party platform inclusive of equal rights for GSM people. We also work with the Libertarian Party to protect individual freedom and demand equal rights and responsibilities for all persons.” 

  • Leadership Team

    The Magnificent 7 - Four Executive Directors & Three Committee Directors

    Ashley Shade


    Ashley Shade has been a GSM activist since 2017 when she decided to run for City Council in her home city of North Adams, Massachusetts. She joined the Libertarian Party in June of 2018 and has become one of the most active and outspoken leaders for Liberty and the GSM Community. She is also the Chairwoman of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts and the first Transgender Woman in Massachusetts history to be elected to a state party chair position. She is active in GSM and Liberty activism on a local, state, and national member, both within and outside of the Libertarian Party. She has served on numerous campaigns since joining the party, including for local, state, federal, and presidential candidates for office.

    Patrick Bowersox

    Vice Chair

    Patrick Bowersox has been a member of the Libertarian Party since 2013 and has been secretary of the Wake County Libertarian Party since 2014. Patrick Served as coordinator in NC for Jo Jorgensen's presidential campaign in 2020 and has also been in charge of the GSM outreach for the Libertarian Party of North Carolina since 2013.

    Adam Christian Reinhardt


    The Reverend Adam Reinhardt is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and is currently serving a parish in North Eastern Pennsylvania. He serves on the board of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania as the chair of the LPPA Membership Committee. He also organized and chairs the Monroe County Libertarian Party in Pennsylvania, and serves as secretary of the Wayne/Pike County Libertarian Party in Pennsylvania. He is currently the fundraising coordinator of the Tom Quiter campaign for State Senate in New York’s 52nd district, and the campaign chair of Dan Wassmer’s campaign for PA Attorney General.

    Tyler Smith


    Tyler was born in West Virginia, and has lived in several states and two countries fighting for Liberty. He sits on the board of the Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief as well as Outright Libertarians. Currently, he also works as outreach for the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus, and studied psychology as well as criminal justice at both the University of Mount Olive and Central Florida University. He currently lives in Peoria, Arizona where he continues his activism in terms of recruitment for the LP and running for office. He and his partner, Jordan, have also made strides to build bridges with GSM groups in the greater Phoenix area in order to bridge the gap between libertarianism and the GSM community.

    Chase Oliver

    Fundraising Director

    Chase Oliver has been a Libertarian since 2010, and an activist for GSM equality since his teen years. From starting his High School GSA (gay straight alliance) to raising funds to help GSM homeless youth to marching in the streets for trans justice, he has been a force for GSM equality. Chase is also the affiliate Chair of Libertarian Party of Atlanta and a candidate for US Congress.

    Ari Gabrek

    Outreach Director

    AJ Jewell

    Policy Director

    AJ Jewell is a Texas native who has been a part of GSM activism since 2008. After becoming involved in a GSM-focused youth group, AJ began working with the group to educate the community on how GSM youth are at risk of suicide and abuse. AJ later began participating in drag show fundraisers in Dallas. Since joining the Libertarian Party in 2019, AJ has worked with their local party as Treasurer and is the chair of the Pride Committee for the Libertarian Party of Dallas County. AJ has also worked with the Vermin Supreme Institute and assists with their husband's campaigns.

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