A Statement from Outright USA

On the events at the LP National Convention

Greetings from the Board of Directors of Outright USA,

It came to our attention that former and current board members of Outright USA were physically assaulted and verbally harassed, LNC staff physically and sexually assaulted (verified), and former POTUS candidates besmirching GSM liberty activists to huge captive audiences. Furthermore, we witnessed the removal of platform planks that were rooted in the birth of the American Libertarian Party; planks that were shields for civil liberties under continuous fire from the duopoly the party WAS fighting against; planks that were essential to all of our liberties,this has indicated we have lost a political home.

Bigotry IS Irrational and Repugnant.

To this effect, the Libertarian Party of the United States seems to have taken an unfortunate turn towards malicious cultural conservatism, vitriolic traditionalism, and otherwise political (and physical) harassment of many members of our community who are or were (until recently) members of this political party. This shift has indicated that our membership may be conflicted as to whether they support such actions, and in order to maintain the course of liberation for all peoples, Outright USA has been referred to in meetings, since this transpired, solely as Outright USA, and the members of the board are in agreement that a change in name is necessary for not only for the accurate reflection of our membership’s values, but also as the events in Sparks showed, for their apparent safety. Our association with the Libertarian Party of the United States is henceforth terminated until such a time that it lives up to its name, and we will be accepting name suggestions for consideration at the membership meeting. We are seeking to change our non profit status to reflect this shift in focus to solely as an educational foundation, to be determined by consideration of the membership at the National Outright USA Convention. We will keep our connections to those individuals and groups who wish to press for liberation for all no matter the party affiliation.

Temporarily until the convention on the 30th of the month of June 8pm Eastern time Outright Libertarians will be referred to as Outright USA for separation purposes. It was never our intent in these past years to deceive our members nor manipulate them, and we don't intend to start now. We love our organization and each individual that is a brick in its foundation. We hope to keep your faith alive in us through these trying times as we press forward in promoting Liberty, the liberation of the GSM and our fellow marginalized communities, and working with our allies across various organizations and activist networks.

In Liberation,

Patrick Bowersox- Chair

Ari Gabrek- Secretary

Johnathan Evans- Treasurer

Jeni Kadel- Membership

Tyler Smith- Outreach