A Statement from the Board of Directors

June 16, 2021

Outright Libertarians calls for the Expulsion of Jeremy Kauffman from The Libertarian Party and all affiliates.


In light of recent events going on within the Libertarian Party, OutrightUSA has not spoken on behalf of any of the issues at hand because we feel it is not our place to do so. We operate outside the structure of the Libertarian Party, but that does not invalidate our associations with it. 

Everyone is entitled to express their opinions on procedural grounds or ethics concerns in regards to events surrounding The Liberatian Party of New Hampshire. The LPNH has been split into seemingly two state affiliates, and the LNC has yet to recognize the legality of one and declare it legitimate. However, there is a deeper matter that must be brought to the light. 

To those who are unaware, the LPNH recently received national media attention for inflammatory tweets. The negative press was sure to highlight their stances against the civil rights act, and in support of child labor. What this looks like on the outside is that the entire Libertarian Party supports these positions, and it has caused candidates and elected officials nationwide to be questioned over the contents of these statements. 

These tweets were issued by the individual known as Jeremy Kauffman, whom is on the board of directors for The Free State Project. He also recently came under fire for making the argument that “if 1,000 transpeople were murdered every year but there were no taxes, we’d live in a substantially more moral world”. 

Despite all of the horrendous things he has said, this is not about that. Last night, Mr. Kauffman sexually harassed and attacked a valuable member of our organization, and of our community. This harassment took place at an officially sanctioned event, an LNC Executive Committee meeting.

At around 9:50pm, after an Outright member gave commentary during the live Zoom meeting of the LNC, the individual known for the infamous NH tweets made a comment: “100% guaranteed this guy would suck my cock if given the opportunity”. 

At 10:38pm, the member posted the following on Twitter: “Hi @jeremykauffman... I'm a minor, and you're a pedophile. have a nice day!” Followed by a screenshot of the Zoom comments referenced earlier. 

In response to our member making it clear that he was in fact a minor and the illicit sexual advances of Mr. Kauffman were unwanted, Mr. Kaufman  responds: “Libertarians don't believe in a federal age of consent”. 

He then shares the member's original tweet to make additional lewd remarks: “if you're mature enough to participate in the decision of who rules me, you're mature enough to suck my cock”. 

After accusations of pedophilic oriented virtual sexual harassment, he doubles and triples down. 

As stated by the Outright member himself; 

“Although, as a minor, I made a conscious choice to engage in this messy political process, the sexual and verbal harassment that I received even after I clarified that I'm a minor, was horrifying and completely uncalled for.”

Here at Outright, we believe that The Libertarian Party is the best vehicle to fight for queer liberation and other issues that we find deeply important. We work within that vehicle, and with the people and organizations surrounding it. 

We believe in fostering a culture of love and safety for ALL individuals within the greater Libertarian movement. Outright Libertarians plays its own part in that, and we are grateful to our many hardworking volunteers for keeping the organization afloat. 

When one of our own is sexually harassed  in such a manner, we will do what is right and defend that individual — in this case being one of our Outreach team members. This disgusting display by some self proclaimed “libertarians” will not stand. Pedophilia is illegal and a form of fraud. Sexual harassment is repugnant, illegal, and when inflicted on a minor by an adult, a felony. 

Our members bring us value as an organization, and for that, we publicly stand beside him and will lay down the hammer against those who wish to harm him in any shape, way, or form.

We believe in the immense power of youth activism, and have bore witness to the many fights led by younger members of the LGBTQ community throughout the course of history. Our members spend countless hours advocating for GSM rights in whatever capacity they are able, to the fullest extent. 

Just as we bore witness to last night, in which some concerning things were alluded to, and want to make it clear that those of us at Outright Libertarians find this situation to be morally reprehensible and will never defend it. 

As libertarians, we value freedom of association, and therefore call for the dissociation of all individuals involved in this despicable incident. 

Our resolution goes as followed: 

WHEREAS we unequivocally condemn the sexual harassment of minors and any forms of pedophillia, 

WHEREAS we condemn ALL forms of sexual harassment and similar behavior towards any individual,

WHEREAS we abhor the disturbing and illegal  remarks made towards a youth member of Outright during an official LNC Executive Committee Meeting, 

WHEREAS we demand accountability from the Libertarian Party, for allowing sexual harassment of a minor to occur during an official party meeting,

We call for the immediate expulsion of Jeremy Kauffman from all memberships and associations with the Libertarian Party and any affiliates.

Those seen defending his actions of sexually harassing a minor in an LNC meeting and on Social Media should be equally held accountable, as they are liable as well after having conspired with him or supported his statements. 


Outright Libertarians Board of Directors