International Transgender Day of Visibility

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International Transgender Day of Visibility was first held on March 31, 2010. The creator, Rachel Crandall, started the movement as a way to recognize the accomplishments and hardships that trans people face, including cissexism and transphobia, by spreading knowledge about the trans community.

While some people find this to be a time to also celebrate those who are non-gender conforming, it’s important to understand that there are days of recognition for such people, such as International Non-Binary People’s Day in July. Transgender people are of their own special class and deserve to be seen and heard on this day.

Jenna Talackova is one such individual whose triumphs should be celebrated. Jenna has been a Canadian model and television personality. She decided that she wanted to compete in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada contest. She was initially disqualified for being transgender but challenged the decision. The decision was then overturned before it could reach the courts and Jenna went on to reach the Top 12.

Another person of acknowledgment is Patricio Manuel. He is a professional American boxer who was the first transgender boxer to compete in a professional fight. He originally competed as female and made his first professional debut — as a man — in December 2018. In September 2019, Patricio became the face of Everlast boxing equipment.

There are so many wonderful transgender people who have made differences in the world around us. On March 31 of each year, take a moment to broaden the minds of others and give thanks to those who have done so much good.

By AJ Jewell